Medica brush, dry, sterile, 25/pk

Dry sterile bruch not containing chlorhexidine
For preparation and cleaning:

1. Remove fur / hair
2. Flush the area with a disinfectant soap containing chlorhexidine
3. Wash with Medica brush
4. The area is swabed
Double protection (protects both patient and staff)
The sponge is soft so it does not damage the skin.
The hairs are long and soft on the outside,for soft cleaning and do not damage the skin.
If you damage the skin, you will release bacteria that live just below the top layer of the skin. Istead of scrubbing the bacteria of your hands, more bacteria are released.
The hairs in the center are shorter and stiffer for cleaning under the nails.
The brush comes with a hugging option. You can squeeze the sponge, put it in soap and water, release the press so that soap and water will be sucked into the sponge for effective cleaning.
The brushes are machine-made with a consistent quality level.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,57
Barcode 5703188325938