BUSTER Soft Flex Collar, 5/pk

An alternative to the rigid standard E-collars for patient protection.
BUSTER Snug collars offer comfortable protection while recovering from surgery or minor injuries, in addition to restricting excessive licking, biting, or chewing.

Lightweight water-repellent nonwoven soft collar for patient protection after surgery or minor injuries.
BUSTER Soft Flex Collar allows the patient to walk, eat and sleep comfortably and quickly regains its original shape.

  • Integrated PP spines maintain the collar shape
  • Inner straps for secure neck collar fastening
  • Elastic tie string with stopper
  • for quick and secure placement
  • Hand-washable

Good patient and owner compliance
Easy application and removal and no assembly make the BUSTER Snug Collars easy to handle for the vet and pet owner.
These non-rigid opaque collars provide a den-like place for the dog and together with the soft and flexible materials they offer stressless comfort also when resting.

Collar size
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Weight including packaging in kg 0,20
Barcode 5703188339638