KRUTEX Premium Surgical Gown, blue, 25/pk

■ For procedures with a moderate risk of exposure
■ Made from non-woven SMMMS
■ Protection level AAMI 3
■ Ultrasonic sealing avoids the risk of thread deterioration
■ Double internal and external waist side ties for optimal fit
■ Ribbed cuffs for increased protection
■ Water-repellent
■ Antistatic
■ Easy donning
■ Surgically folded to preserve a sterile surface
■ 2 hand towels (30 x 40 cm) for drying, absorbing, cleaning, and squaring off the surgical incision site


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Made from nonwoven SMMMS providing a high level of barrier protection and air permeability. Strong tear and puncture resistance.

Weight including packaging in kg 5,62
Barcode 5703188336231