KRUUSE Anaesthesia Induction Mask, Size 2/S (5632)

■ Useful for anesthesia induction, maintenance, oxygen therapy, resuscitation og aerosol therapy
■ Clear polycarbonate, with silicone rubber diaphragm
■ Designed for small animals
■ Intended when intubation is not ideal.
■ Supplied with an elastic neck strap
■ S/2
■ Measured without diaphragm: I.D. 40 mm / O.D. 65 mm / Height 7.43 cm
In anaesthesia cases where intubation is not ideal, an induction mask, also known as an face mask, is a good option. The mask can either be used to facilitate anaesthetic induction before intubation, as inhalation anaesthesia maintenance, or as oxygen source pre- or post anaesthesia.
Supplied with an elastic neck strap for better fixation of the mask.

Induction Masks Key Points
Veterinary induction masks are available in various shapes and sizes. They should cover the patients nose and mouth, providing an airtight seal.
Masks manufactured in transparent materials are preferable, to be able to visualise the patient’s tongue and mucous membranes.
Masks with detachable rubber diaphragm usually provide a good seal around the face, but it is important to choose the correct size, to ensure proper fit avoiding leakage and not to create unintended pressure and reduction in venous return causing oedema of the muzzle.
Dead space should be minimised by choosing correct mask shape and size. Avoid using a conical shaped mask for cats.
It often requires sedation to tolerate induction masks.
Masks do not protect airways from aspiration of foreign materials.
Should be cleaned prior to use for different patients.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,10
Barcode 5703188344984