KRUUSE Rehab Pro Knee Protector, right

■ Made of 58% neoprene, 22% polyamide, 20% polyester
■ Removable rigid support splints
■ Adjustable straps
■ Front harness directing pulling force to the front of the chest and not on the neck
■ Contra lateral anchor straps
■ Suitable for: Bichon Frisé, Coton de Tulear, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel
■ 1/pk
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Advanced knee protector with a choice between soft or more rigid support. The joint protector provides warmth and support for painful or otherwise functionally impaired knee joints. It can be used for pre-surgery support in the case of knee injury or as support to improve well-being in the case of a chronic knee problems.
The knee protector has rigid support splints on both sides of the knee joint, and can be removed if a softer support is needed. It is kept in place by contra lateral anchor straps and straps securing it to the front harness.
All straps can be fitted for the individual dog and can be cut shorter if needed. The front harness ensures that the pulling force from the straps is directed to the front of the chest and not on the neck.

Instructions for use
Let the dog step into the front harness and fit the harness with the hook and loop closing over the shoulders.
Place the pad of the knee protector part on the croup of the dog and fit the knee protector with the patella (knee cap) in the hole.
Fasten the anchor strap on the opposite hind leg.
Fit the straps from the pad on the croup to the rings on the front harness.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,15
Barcode 5703188338181