BOVIVET Calf Drencher with flexible tube, 4 litre, 5/pk

■ A safe and quick method of fluid therapy in calves
■ Holds 4 litres
■ Can easily be used by one person
■ 2 l can be administered in app. 2 minute
■ With flexible tube
■ 5/pk
The BOVIVET Calf Drencher is available with a rigid and a flexible probe and the container holds 2 or 4 l. The Calf Drencher is a quick and safe method to administer liquid therapy of calves and for electrolytic calf treatment and it can be operated by one person. The large container is primarily used when initially administering 4 l colostrum to the calf. Two-position valve for adjusting the flow of raw milk: If the valve is in position 1, the liquid runs slowly, if the valve is in position 2, the liquid runs faster The 2 l container will empty on average in 1 minute and the 4 l container will empty on average in 2 minutes. Safety: The moulded tube end prevents malpositioning in the lungs.
Weight including packaging in kg 3,60
Barcode 5703188285539