BOVIVET Calf Drencher, with flexible probe, 2 litre, 10/pk

A safe and quick method of fluid therapy in calves. The drencher will hold 2 l and can easily be used by one person. 2 l can be administered in 1½ minutes. Safety: The moulded tube end prevents malpositioning in the lungs.

BOVIVET Calf Drencher

BOVIVET Calf Drencher with a flexible probe and a container that holds either 2 liters.
A quick and safe method of administering fluid therapy and electrolyte therapy to calves.
BOVIVET Calf Drencher can be operated by one person
The rounded knob on the probe prevents erroneous insertion into the lungs
The probe and container are easy to clean after disassembly
The plastic type is non-toxic

New features:
Two-position valve for adjusting the liquid flow:
When the valve is in position 1, the liquid flows slowly. When the valve is in position 2, the liquid flows faster.
Indication of gallons/liters on the container
A clear indication of the contents of the container

Instructions for use
Fill the container with 2 liters of liquid
Attach the probe to the container
Place the container on the floor and insert the probe into the calf's mouth
It is important that 10 to 12 cm of the rigid probe remains visible outside the calf's mouth
Lift the container up over the calf's head
The 2-litre container is emptied on average in approx. 1½ minutes

Weight including packaging in kg 4,60
Barcode 5703188023674