EQUIVET MagFloat, occlusive surface, upper/lower cheek teeth (6-11), length from end to end 52 cm

■ Lightweight
■ Reduces physical strain
■ Rasp plate is held in place by very strong magnets
■ Easy to change blades
■ Length from handle to end: 41 cm
■ This handle only fits blade Cat. No 248035
EQUIVET MagFloats are designed so that changing blades is a very easy procedure as the blades are held on to the head of the float with very strong magnets.The blade is easily pushed away from the magnets with the T-blade punch when changing to a new blade or switching from a “push” to a “pull” function.
Due to the design of the carbide blades as well as the height of the head of the handle, the total height of the floating part is only 8.3 mm. This gives easy access to the whole dental arcade - even hooks on the 11th will no longer be a problem.
The long part of the handle is a new design made of an oval stainless steel tube. This results in a very lightweight instrument with easy orientation of the position of the blade.

The handles are produced in 7 variations to accommodate easy and ergonomic access to the different part of the equine teeth. 6 of the handles have 2 magnets. These handles use blades size 19 x 55 mm which come as fine or medium.
The 7th handle is for the occlusive surface and has 3 magnets to hold the unique curved blade size 20 x 60 mm in place.
With this design handfloats are changed from being a tool to being an instrument.

When using the MagFloats, it is recommended to use the stainless steel bucket (Cat. No 240710) with the dental rasp protector (Cat. No 240720) to keep the floats separated. This also protects the blades.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,34
Barcode 5703188227515