EQUIVET Dental Pick Set


The set includes two handles - a short hand piece and a long T-Bar handle which fit the interchangeable heads and allow access to any area within the mouth.

All heads can be rotated. The chisel head can be used to separate the gingiva from the sides of the tooth prior to extraction. The long and short osteotome heads can be used to separate teeth or tooth fragments. The long and short elevator heads can be used in the short hand piece to aid in removal of wolf teeth or they can be used on the long handle to aid in the removal of dental root fragments from the alveolus. The loop curette is an ideal tool to snag loose tooth or root fragments from the alveolus. Chuck with short and long pins is used as dental pick for probing alveolar pockets and areas of infundibular decay as well as for removing feed and debris.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,95
Barcode 5703188052254