HEINE G100 LED Veterinary set USB [G-112.28.388]


HEINE G100 LED Veterinary set USB delivered complete with the G100 LED Slit illumination head, BETA 4 USB handle with charge status display and li-ion battery, plug-in power supply and one set of long closed specula (57mm x 4mm dia., 65mm x 6mm dia., 90mm x 7mm dia.) in a hard case. It is a maintenance free, durable solid metal instrument designed for everyday use in hospitals and clinics. 

The HEINE G100 LED Slit illumination head with LEDHQ-technology allows optimal instrumentation with magnification and illumination and clears the way for access during examinations. The brightness can be continuously adjusted between 100 % and 3 % (patent pending) with amazing colour rendering (3,500 K, CRI>97) also of deep saturated red colours (R9>93) for the most accurate diagnosis.

The LED incorporates a heat management system ensuring that the brightness, homogeneity and colour rendering (CRI ≥ 97) is guaranteed the virtually unlimited lifetime (100 000 hours in use). LEDHQ – LED in HEINE Quality.

The HEINE BETA 4 USB handle with charge status display and li-ion battery can be charged with any USB plug or other USB power source, with absolute peace of mind. The BETA 4 USB handle has an integrated, exclusive Galvanic Separation Module that protects the handle, and the user, even if a faulty or inferior plug is used; thus preventing the possibility of the full mains voltage going directly to the handle. It is however recommend using a plug-in power supply approved for medical use.

The HEINE G100 Slit illumination head can be used with long, closed metal specula; slit metal specula, open spreadable speculum; short and closed Sanalon S specula and UniSpec disposable specula (via adapter).

Weight including packaging in kg 0,96
Barcode 293101