Billede 2

Jen Willett works for a cat rescue organization and is a loyal BUSTER Vet Examination Bag customer. Learn more about the benefits from her perspective:

“The KRUUSE BUSTER VET Examination bag has been a true godsend in my household. It is an indispensable tool in maintaining my cat’s health!

We use it most often when giving enemas - it stabilizes the cat without having her ruin a towel when clawing out of a ‘purrito’ (towel wrapped around her like a cat in a burrito)...saves our towels and our sanity. It constrains our cat far, far more effectively than a hastily assembled towel.

It’s impossible to wriggle out of - that’s because it’s essentially a “cat straitjacket.” And because of this, it reduces the stress level of all involved...both cat and human alike. Our cat is significantly less stressed when placed in this bag, as opposed to when she is placed in a towel.

Thankfully, another feature of the BUSTER bag is that cleanup is a cinch; the material wipes clean, easily and completely.

And, when I have to administer medication via injections, the BUSTER bag makes that easy, too. The open grommets that have been placed in strategic locations mean that I can give a shot successfully - in the right places - without my cat having to be semi-unwrapped. Thankfully, the KRUUSE BUSTER bag requires absolutely NO feats of acrobatic wonder to reveal just the right spot to inject her, while simultaneously keeping her fully constrained. It’s all taken care of for me!!

And last but not least, this bag is a critical tool when there is only one caretaker around. Having just one person available to give medical injections, or oral medication, or enemas, or nail trimmings, or even brush the cat’s teeth, all of that is nearly impossible to do without going through a scratch-fest. In an emergency situation, this could be the difference between life or death. Thankfully, KRUUSE has created this indispensable tool - we cannot imagine living without it!!”

Jennifer Willett, America