Cat catheters designed with care

Find the BUSTER cat catheter that best suits your clinical applications. Whether it is for flushing, short term, or long-term placement all catheters are highly biocompatible for optimal patient care.


BUSTER Easy Slide Cat Catheter

  • Highly lubricated catheter for easing the procedure 
  • Perfect rigidity for easy catheterisation
  • Suturing holes in base plate for securing placement of the catheter
  • Radio-opaque tubing for x-ray visibility
  • Luer lock fitting for easy attachment of syringe and urine bag


BUSTER Cat Catheters, side holes

Ideal for urine sample collection, urine retention relief, and bladder lavage.

BUSTER Cat Catheter with open end

Useful for flushing uroliths retrograde into the bladder.

BUSTER Barium Cat Catheter

X-Ray detectable and hence ideal for locating obstructions.


Cat Catheter Guide

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