Core and balance training and developing muscle strength can help prevent or decrease severity of injuries and improve healing time for your patients.





KRUUSE Rehab Lifting Harness

KRUUSE Rehab Lifting Harness

The KRUUSE Rehab Lifting Harness for hind legs or front legs support dogs with age-related problems, injuries or mobility issues, ranging from neurological issues, structural deficiencies, general weakness and the need to safely navigate stairs.


The central nervous system (CNS) receives information from the peripheral nervous system (PNS) in the skin, joints, ligaments and tendons about the bodies position and balance.
The CNS translates this information into a muscle response. This input/output loop works quickly and effortlessly under normal circumstances and helps the dogs correct its footing on uneven surfaces and other challenges.

Once an injury occurs i.e. in a ligament, the loop changes in pace and the dog could have difficulty with weightbearing, balance and proprioception.

Rehabilitation aims to bring the information loop between the CNS
and PNS back to pre-injury level.

Most Common Orthopedic Problems

  Elbow: Dysplasia hygroma and cakkus

  Hip: Dysplasia

  Knee (stifle): CCL and patella luxation

All Joints: Osteoarthritis - DJD