Purpose of Rehab

  Bring patients back to pre-injury level

  Control pain, inflammation and mobility

  Slow down degenerative joint disease

  Neuromuscular re-education


  Rebuild muscle mass and strength

  Fitness and weight control

  Improve quality of life


Who are the Rehab Patients

When we think about the typical rehab patient, we often think about dogs with traumatic injuries or post-op patients. However, all dogs can benefit from core and stability training, especially sport dogs performing agility, flyball etc. and working dogs like hunting dogs, rescue dogs etc. where a strong core and good balance will help them perform even better and help avoid injuries. For older dogs and obese dogs, training and joint protectors can help improve life quality.

Increase in demand for rehabilitation

Physiotherapy, individual training programs, chiropractic and other treatment modalities have become much more recognised in human medicine over the past decades and the dog owners are becoming more aware of the possibilities of doing something extra for their dogs to improve rehabilitation after an injury and their overall wellness. As a result of this we have seen an increase in demand from dog owners asking that the veterinarian offers rehabilitation plans and advice in addition to the more traditional treatments.

Typical Rehab Patients

  Patients with traumatic injuries

  Post-op patients

  Working dogs

  Sports dogs

  Older dogs

  Obese dogs