KRUUSE Rehabilitation Equipment

All our rehabilitation products are carefully selected,
and we offer you the most modern and updated range of
rehabilitation equipment.



KRUUSE Rehab Pro Knee Protector

Compression, warmth and support for arthritis, arthrosis, patella luxation and traumatic knee injuries.

For extra patient comfort the front harness diverts pulling forces from the neck to the front of the chest, and the side splints are removable for optional support.


KRUUSE Rehab Pro Elbow Protector

Soft and warming support and compression for arthritis, elbow dysplasia and other elbow conditions.

Individually adjustable and comfortable for daily activities, on walks and when resting.


KRUUSE Rehab Joint Protectors

Orthosis is an orthopedic device that is applied outside the body to compensate for the loss of function. The KRUUSE Rehab Joint Protectors help dogs with lameness and joint pain to an improved quality of life through a compression support.

The joint protectors have both an elastic and a stabilizing effect. They contribute to a dry warmth, increased blood circulation and reduce pain and swelling. Improved flexibility in tight muscles enables the dog to quickly regain a normal walking pattern.


KRUUSE Rehab Weight Cuffs

KRUUSE Rehab Weight Cuffs are used to exercise the dog’s muscles and are suitable for
both rehabilitation and wellness training programs. 

Exercising with weight cuffs will result in stronger muscles, improved balance and better movements.