Perfect fit with multiple features

The new BUSTER Body Suit for Dogs, Step'n Go has
strong touch fastener and press studs which enable the
body suit to open fully on the back side to ensure
stressless handling.

Collar guide

Reach the next level of protection

The NEW generation of body suits for cats ensures stressless handling while preventing the patient from reaching tender areas. BUSTER Body Suit Step'n Go for Cats is completely open on the backside for easy fitting.



Head and ear protection

The soft and comfortable BUSTER Ear Cover provides both post-surgical and general head and ear protection.
It can be used as protection in case of aural hematoma, cuts or tears and chronic itching or scratching.


BUSTER Body Suit and Body Sleeves

The soft and comfortable BUSTER Body Suit and Body Sleeves are used
as protection and comfort after surgery or in case of skin disease.

BUSTER Body Suit

BUSTER Body Sleeves for Front Legs

BUSTER Body Sleeves for Hind Legs

Body Suit for Rabbits

Some species are from nature more stressed and fearful than others. You can do something extra for these patients when treatment is inevitable.
BUSTER Body Suit for Rabbits provides optimal post-op protection by preventing your patient from reaching tender areas on the body which promotes faster healing and recovery.

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