Cushioned edge E-Collars

The BUSTER cushioned edge E-Collars are vet endorsed and best in class collars. Have a look at each collar and see why they offer best in class comfort and protection to your patients.



Top marks in all aspects!

BUSTER Complete Collar provides 360° postoperative protection for the animal in respect of materials, fitting, anatomy and safety.
Patients recovery fully protected and in the most comfortable way.



Quick and comfortable

In 4 easy steps you can adapt the BUSTER Quick Collar to your individual patients.
The soft silicone padding ensures a comfortable fit and avoids marking and scraping and the neck holes secure fastening to the dog’s neck collar.


Soft and flexible

BUSTER Comfort Collar has a rubber edge and comes with a quick-fastening system.
The collar is transparent which enables the animal full vision.