BUSTER Ear Cover

The soft and comfortable BUSTER Ear Cover provides both post-surgical and general head and ear protection. It can be used as protection in case of aural haematoma, cuts or tears and chronic itching or scratching.

The BUSTER Ear Cover is provided with strong, yet soft neoprene on the forehead with integrated flexible plastic spines for optimal fit.

An extra hole can be cut in the easy-to-cut non-fraying fabric in order to leave out the healthy ear flap.

The BUSTER Ear Cover is suitable for both cats and dogs.


Features and Benefits

  Freedom of movement

  Easy fitting and removal

  Flexible and extremely breathable

  Straps for secure fastening to the dog’s neck collar

  Soft and durable Neoprene


  Available in 6 sizes and a starter pack

BUSTER Ear Cover is perfect for

  Recovery from aural haematoma

  Cuts or tears

  Chronic itching or scratching

  Bandage protection

  Wound care

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Are certain breeds at greater risk for dog ear haematomas?

Dogs with ears that hang down are at a greater risk for haematomas.
When they shake their heads, the ears go along for the ride, which can cause trauma

Here are a few of the droopy-eared breeds prone to the condition

•    Labrador
•    Golden retriever
•    Dalmatian
•    Cocker and Springer Spaniel
•    Beagle
•    Basset hound


•    Coonhound
•    Bloodhound
•    Afghan hound
•    Poodle
•    Setter
•    Dachshund


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Dogs who have frequent ear infections or other chronic ear problems are also at higher risk, but any dog can develop a haematoma.
Ear mites, which can cause a haematoma, can happen to dogs and cats of any age.