Small insights with great value

Assessing hydration status, finding the right fluids, and choosing the best routes of administration are important steps to give the “little ones” best infusion treatment.

Prepare everything on forehand to reduce stress during infusion procedures and keep rabbits and rodents in comfortable and familiar surroundings.


Assessing hydration status in rabbits and rodents

Determining fluid status in small patients is very similar to larger ones, hence we can use the same guidelines to assess the animal.

Fluids for rabbits and rodents

There are many solutions available for maintaining or replacing fluid balances. The most commonly available are also suited for use in rabbits and rodents.


Routes of administration

- Oral fluid therapy  
- Subcutaneous administration
- Intravenous administration


Placement preparation

Thorough preparation for IV catheter placement is always important. For rodents, there is one more important thing: warm up the fluids!


Placement procedure

Before placing the catheter, be sure to pre-flush catheter and extension line with warm heparinised saline to avoid air and clutting in the system.


Maintenance of catheter site and post-surgery care

In rodents, there is less space for catheter placement, and the catheter should only be left in when necessary.


Fluid Therapy in Rodents

The goal of fluid therapy is to provide necessary fluid and electrolytes, meet metabolic demands, and restore intracellular water balance until the patient is eating and drinking on its own or has recovered from surgery.


Animals undergoing fluid therapy is a MUST. There are some basic signs to look for.


Infusion tools for small animals

IV catheters available in size 24-26G

KRUUSE Venocan Mini IV Catheter

KRUUSE Venocan Pencil Style IV Catheter

KRUUSE InfuVein PRO IV Catheter

SafeVet IV catheters


KRUUSE SafeVet IV Combi Set

KRUUSE SafeVet InfuVein

KRUUSE Heparin Cap

Extension lines - Microbore

KRUUSE T-connector set, Micro bore

KRUUSE SafeVet Microbore Extension Line

KRUUSE Microbore Extension Line

Giving Sets suitable for small volumes

KRUUSE I.V. Infusion set

KRUUSE Burrette set

KRUUSE I. V. Flow Regulator Extension Set