Optimising Equine Wound Healing

Many questions arises when it comes to wound healing.

What inhibits a wound from healing? How can I facilitate that a wound heals faster?
Can I be sure that the wound will heal?

Since wound healing is a natural event - all wounds naturally strives to heal. Despite this, different reasons might prevent the wound from healing like expected.

Read the article to learn about the 12 main inhibiting factors affecting wound healing.


Case Stories

Practical Wound Management

Individual management is required for different types of wounds. Read the case stories by clicking the pictures.



The importance of wound lavage

Honey for veterinary wound management

Practical guide to basic skin grafting



Equine chart

Wound Chart

Moist Wound Healing - Key Benefits

  Heals up to 50% faster

  Less infection risk

  Less pain and more comfort for the animal

  More economically wound healing process

  Based on evidence

A majority of veterinary surgeons prefer moist wound treatment, which is evidence based wound management.



KRUUSE´s bandage assortment is very versatile and covers different purposes of bandaging. A bandage covers various important functions in daily practice:

  Helps keep the dressing in place

  Supports fractures, sprains and joints

  Easy application

  Skin friendly and comfortable

Have a look at the video of the KRUUSE Vet-Flex, which is our high quality flexible cohesive bandage. It is strong, comfortable and user-friendly.