Vores historie og rødder

A changing world

KRUUSE is a modern company with deep Funen roots. From a distinguished past in Odense in 1896 - over tough times that required frugality, hard work and persistent effort, with the Kruuse family at the centre for several generations and with fantastic employees who were indispensable in helping to bring our ideas to life and out into the world - to now, as a valued and appreciated part of Covetrus, the world's leading supplier to the veterinary industry.



Vores DNA

KRUUSE is first choice

Throughout our history, focus on world-class quality and service has become so incorporated into our entire culture that it is now part of our DNA - and will continue to be in the future.
Our customers need to know that we do not compromise on quality and that for us, service is key before, during and after the sale. We are not just salespeople; we are partners for our customers. That's why we have so many loyal customers who remain committed to the principle that when it needs to be excellent, then it must be KRUUSE.

Vores værdier før, nu og fremover

Before, now and in the future

At KRUUSE, we want to maintain the absolute highest values, which we have held right from the start: Integrity and honesty. Accountability, credibility and respect. Compassion and solidarity. A high level of professionalism and a global outlook.
It is a culture and a spirit that has given us many talented, loyal colleagues who have celebrated their 10th , 20th and 30th anniversaries of working with us. In this way we have remained a family business.


Together we are strong

KRUUSE is an old company with strong traditions for collaboration and common goals. Everyone is accepted for who they are and for using their skills and developing their competences.
Every one of us is a specialist in our own field, but it is no doubt through the strong teamwork our best solutions emerge.