Moduflex Scavenger Interface with Integrated Ventilator


The evolution in the veterinary market in terms of the care offered, but also in terms of clinical work methods, has led us to offer a new model of evacuation interface with an integrated fan. The latest model is designed to evacuate the waste gaz of 1 anesthesia machine.
Our gas evacuation interfaces are able to adapt to large variations in air flow, avoiding depletion of the breathing bag or increased resistance.

  • Designed to work with 1 anesthesia machine at a time
  • Pushes instead of pulling air
  • Can accommodate up to 50 feet of tubing
  • Designed to be installed on all small animal anesthesia machines
  • Operates up to 10 litres/min fresh gas flow rate
  • Can be installed on all brands of anesthesia machines (with an optional universal bracket, item 270381)
  • 1 outlet of 19 mm for evacuation and 2 inlets for absorber system and Bain circuit
  • 70 inch long electrical wire
  • 12-volt power supply
  • Quiet
Weight including packaging in kg 3,00
Barcode 270407