• Designed at Bristol University Veterinary School the EQUIVET Sling provides the facility for lifting, as well as supporting horses in the standing position.
  • The horse must be sedated during the lifting and lowering process.
  • All associated lifting equipment should have a WLL (working load limit) of 2,000 kg
Easy fitting to either standing or recumbent animals.
Precision tailoring ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
Padded areas at pressure points to prevent nerve damage.
Adjustable to facilitate larger and smaller animals.
Central shackling point allows the animal to turn, or be turned.
Strong construction from synthetic materials facilitates sterilization after use.
High quality materials used.
Proof tested, with 1 tonne SWL (safe working load).
Lifting capacity: 750 kg
The EQUIVET Sling is only suitable for use by experienced equine veterinarians and it should be noted that sedation may be required on certain animals.
Used in conjunction with a hoist or winch, which must have a SWL that exceeds the gross weight of the horse being lifted or supported.
Weight including packaging in kg 8,00
Barcode 5703188225597