KRUUSE Bedi-Shield-Vet, Clinic Pack, 12/pk

■ Protects fingers during any kind of oral examination
■ Easy to use
■ Can be autoclaved and washed
■ Material: Rubber, TPE, Polycarbonate
■ Clinic-pack
■ 12/pk

KRUUSE Bedi-Shield-Vet is a new innovative product and a dental aiddesigned to ensure the oral health and general wellbeing of small animals.
The purpose is to protect fingers during any kind of oral examination, toothbrushing, pill-giving and many other procedures.
Very easy for vets and pet owners to use. Simply place the finger in theshield and control the grip by holding the flaps with other fingers. The shield is gently put in the side of the animals mouth.
Be aware of aggressive dogs, dogs with excessive biting force and dogswith large mouth openings. Danger if swallowed by animals.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,13
Barcode 5703188296887