KRUUSE Moduflex Coaxial anaesthetic machine

An ideal anaesthetic machine with a perfect balance between quality and price. Many advanced features.
KRUUSE Moduflex Coaxial anaesthetic machine is without doubt the most popular anaesthetic machine in the Moduflex line - and with good reason. Coaxial is a very solidly built anaesthetic machine that in spite of being on a trolley takes up minimal floor space.

The four solid 4 inch wheels and sturdy trolley design ensure good and stable mobility of the unit. Coaxial is as standard equipped with a practical top shelf, which can be used for either a monitor or a ventilator. In addition, the Coaxial includes the specially developed coaxial patient circuit, which ensures easy and correct connection to the absorber, reduces heat loss from the patient and increases humidity in the inspired air.

Selected features of KRUUSE Moduflex Coaxial:

• 0.1 to 4 lpm rotation flow meter - large scale for precision and ease of reading
• Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation
• Flush flow between 40 and 60 lpm for increased safety
• Quick-connect mixed gas outlet for fast and easy change between e.g. a Bain system and a circle system
• SELECTATEC™ manifold for fast and easy installation of vaporizers
• CO2 absorber with integrated coaxial breathing system which ensures correct connection, reduces heat loss from the patient, helps to increase humidity in the inspired air and provides better overview of tubes
• Patient manometer
• Practical top shelf for either a monitor or a ventilator
• Pop-off valve with built in quick-close function provides fast closure when need for manual ventilation arises and guards against forgetting re-opening upon cessation of manual ventilation
• 5 year warranty

Included with the KRUUSE Moduflex Coaxial:

• Tec3 isoflurane vaporizer
• Keyfill to Tec3 vaporizers
• Coaxial patient circuit
• 2 liter rebreathing bag
• 3 liter rebreathing bag
• Fresh gas tube
• Krytox grease
• Evacuation tube (150 cm)
Weight including packaging in kg 37,00
Barcode 270355