KRUUSE Moduflex Access2 anaesthetic machine

The perfect entry-level anaesthetic machine with many nice details.

KRUUSE Moduflex Access2 is the latest addition in the Moduflex line. When choosing KRUUSE Moduflex Access2, you get a high quality anaesthetic machine that is as compact as the price. Both the anaesthetic machine head and the absorber head have been specially designed to reduce the number of connections, thereby reducing the risk of leaks. KRUUSE Moduflex Access2 comes standard as a trolley-based model, but can also be wall-mounted if desired, by using the optional wall mount arm (270351).

KRUUSE Moduflex Access2 offers a wide range of the same features as the larger machines in the Moduflex line. In other words, KRUUSE Moduflex Access2 is an ideal entry-level anaesthetic machine.

Selected features of KRUUSE Moduflex Access2:

• 0.1 to 4 lpm rotation flow meter - large scale for precision and ease of reading
• Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation
• Flush flow between 40 and 60 lpm for increased safety
• Quick-connect mixed gas outlet for fast and easy change between e.g. a Bain system and a circle system
• Cage mount manifold for installation of vaporizer
• 1500ml CO2 absorber designed for fast and easy change of soda lime. Condensation trap to prevent water in the soda lime. Easy and efficient gas sealing
• Patient manometer
• Practical top shelf for either a monitor or a ventilator
• 5 wheel spider base

Included with the KRUUSE Moduflex Access2:

• Tec3 isoflurane vaporizer
• Keyfill to Tec3 vaporizer
• Y patient circuit
• 2 liter rebreathing bag
• 3 liter rebreathing bag
• Mixed gas tube
• Krytox grease
• Evacuation tube (150 cm)

Weight including packaging in kg 27,00
Barcode 270350