KRUUSE EquiPadding 30 cm


High quality, gauze covered medical absorbent cotton wool for protection and wound management. Medical bleached absorbent cotton wool with fiber length 2-2.5 cm covered with gauze threads 18 x 26 per inch2.

Gentle support

  • Lower limb protection
  • Support for tendons and joints

Good heat insulation

  • Keeps tendons and muscles warm

Wound padding

  • Gives superior protection to wounds whether they are dry, discharging or infected
  • Standard wound care and management principles should always be applied
  • Can be sterilized

Easy to use

  • Can be cut into the exact size and shape required
  • Secure with a support bandage or an elastic dressing
  • Avoid overlapping as this could result in pressure points
  • Where pressure points such as the knee are at risk a “comfort” hole should be made.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,52
Barcode 5703188284297