BUSTER NC Dog Catheter, 8 Fr x 20”, 2.6 mm x 50 cm, 5/pk

■ Atraumatic polished lateral drainage holes
■ High biocompatibility
■ Suitable for medium-long placement (3 days)
■ Colour-coded luer lock fitting for easy size recognition
■ User-friendly end-opening box
■ Non-coated
The BUSTER NC Dog Catheter is a soft and biocompatible catheter. It is made from DEHP-free (phthalate free) medical grade PVC.
The soft catheter is less likely to cause damages to the mucous membranes in urethra and in the bladder compared to the more rigid catheters.

BUSTER NC urinary catheter is a softer alternative to the BUSTER catheter. BUSTER NC Urinary Catheter has rounded, closed end and lateral, polished side holes. The colour coded luer lock fitting makes the size identification easy and fast, and enables the vet or technician to connect a syringes for urine sampling or connecting a urine bag to the catheter. The catheter can be left in urethra/bladder for 2-3 days.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,10
Barcode 5703188339959