BUSTER Foley Catheter, Silicone, 10 Fr x 12”, 3.3 mm x 30 cm, 5/pk


■ Side holes, with wire
■ Sterile
■ Silicone catheter with high biocompatibility
■ Suitable for long-term placement
■ Easy-to-remove steel wire
■ Colour-coded cap for easy size recognition
■ Black
■ Amount cc (ml) in retention balloon: 3-5 cc (ml)

2-way catheter in 100% silicone with 3-5 cc (ml) retention balloon and stylet.
The catheter has a rounded tip and atraumatic side holes. It is very biocompatible, and hence suitable for longer placement in urethra/bladder (up to 7 days).
Material Silicone
Weight including packaging in kg 0,24
Barcode 5703188307286