BUSTER Cat Catheter Barium, 3 Fr x 5.1”, 1.0 x 130 mm, with stylet, 12/pk


■ Made of soft and biocompatible polyurethane and hence ideal for hospitalized patients
■ Suitable for medium term use in situ (up to 7 days)
■ Suture holes in the baseplate allows suturing to the prepuce
■ Female luer lock fitting: easy connection to syringe or urine collection bag
■ X-Ray detectable which makes the catheter ideal for locating obstructions

With stylet. Long term catheter (until 3 days). Polyurethane tubing, soft and supple. The Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) tubing contains a percentage of Barium (X-Ray detectable) i.e. the catheter is visible under X-Ray.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,05
Barcode 5703188249449