KRUUSE Stomach Tube, with centimeter marks, 6,0 mm x 105 cm, 18 Fr x 49, 10/pk

■ Soft, frosted and kink-resistant PVC material for increased patient comfort
■ Soft, round tip for atraumatic introduction
■ Frosted surface obviates the need for lubricants
■ Radiopaque line to secure correct placement of the tube
■ Depending on the procedure the tubes can be left in situ for up to 4 weeks
■ Open funnel
■ Red
■ Size: 6.0 mm x 125 cm / 18 Fr x 49"
■ 10/pk

There are various types of tube feeding procedures commonly used in critical care patients, e.g., placement of a feeding tube through the nose or mouth; orogastric, nasoesophageal tube feeding, as well as invasive methods such as oesophagostomy, gastrostomy, and jejunostomy.
The feeding tubes are made from PVC containing polyadipate softener which is foodstuff approved and toxicologically-tested. 
They do not contain phthalates. 

Weight including packaging in kg 0,34
Barcode 5703188330154