KRUUSE Thoracic Catheter with trocar, sterile, 20 FG, 42 cm

■ Markings provided at 5, 10, 15, and 20 cm from the distal tip to help ascertain depth of placement
■ Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage
■ Proximal end fitted with tapered connector for easy connection to the drainage bottle
■ Radiopaque line for X-ray detection
■ Sterilised by ethylene oxide
■ 20 FG
■ Size: 42 cm / 16.5"
■ 1/pk

In cases of pleural effusion or pneumothorax, KRUUSE Thoracic Catheter with Trocar provides quick access to the pleural space.
The catheter is equipped with a trocar for easypenetration, placement, and handling.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,01
Barcode 5703188235930