EQUIVET enteral fluid therapy starter kit

Enteral fluid therapy of a balanced electrolyte solution may be useful and a good alternative to IV fluid therapy in horses with large colon impactions, diarrhoea and some dorsal displacements.
The EQUIVET Enteral Fluid Therapy Starter Kit makes it very easy to get started. Every component needed is in the kit.
The balanced electrolyte solution is administered at 5 L/h through a modified EQUIVET Stomach Tube (9 x 2600mm). The stomach tube is kept in place with an EQUIVET muzzle (3 sizes) together with two Velcro straps. The stomach tube is connected to a modified EQUIVET Large Bore IV Administration set which again connects to two collapsable Infusor Combi-set Bottles (5 L). Each pouch contains the correct electrolytes for 5 L of water. The electrolyte pouch is simply added to the Combi-set bottle which is then filled with tap water.

The Starter Kit contains:
1 x modified EQUIVET Stomach Tube (9 x 2600mm)
3 x EQUIVET muzzle in 3 sizes
2 x Velcro straps
1 x modified EQUIVET Large Bore IV Administration set
2 x Infusor Combi-set bottles 5 l
1 x EQUIVET Electrolytes for Enteral Fluid (box of 36 pouches)
Weight including packaging in kg 5,00
Barcode 5703188257376