EQUIVET Protection Tube for Uterine Flushing, model HHP


The sterile EQUIVET Protection tube for Uterine Flushing covered with a sanitary sleeve (Cat. no 340842) is passed manually per vagina through the cervical canal.

When placed in the most cranial part of the cervix the sanitary sleeve was pulled towards the examiner, and the speculum pushed further into the uterus. A sterile EQUIVET Uterine flushing tube (Cat. no 340835) is passed through the tube and into the uterus, and then the tube is pulled towards the examiner and out of the uterus. The flushing tube is fixated within the uterine lumen by a firm hold around the cervix. A 250 ml fluid bag (Ringers Lactate) is attached to the flushing tube, and the fluid is infused into the uterus
Weight including packaging in kg 0,20
Barcode 5703188251176