Set of BUSTER Easy-ID dog Muzzles XS–2XL+BUSTER muzzle for cat, M


Line of high-quality colour coded nylon muzzles that have a side easy-release snap buckle.
• High quality water-resistant
• Colour coded for easy recognition
• Extra padding around the nose
• Muzzles fit securely with adjusting straps for a snug fit
• Lightweight nylon
• Reinforced stitching to ensure long-lasting use

Selecting the right muzzle size:
• Use a string to measure around your dog’s nose at the position shown
• Place your index finger under the string to ensure enough space for the dog to be comfortable.
Do not tighten the string; it should be free to move around the dog’s nose
• Lay the string along a ruler to get appropriate length, then select the proper muzzle
The muzzle must not be tight. It is better a little loose than too tight.

Material Nylon
Weight including packaging in kg 0,35
Barcode 5703188328281