Folded Pouch

KRUTEX Vet-Gel Operationshandsker, PF, str. 7.5 / 50 par


The KRUTEX Vet-Gel Surgical Glove is the ideal glove for surgery, as it is fast to apply even with damp hands.
Donning gloves when hands are damp is always difficult. In the surgical theatre, each second counts in saving life.

KRUUSE's solution to the problem is the introduction of the Vet-Gel Surgical Glove, which is especially designed with a hydrophilic inner polymer coating to assist the damp hands to slide into the glove easily without hindrance or failure.

The Vet-Gel Surgical Gloves also have an outer polymer coating, which assists in having a good holding grip of the instruments even when wet.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent dry and damp donning capabilities for fast application 
  • Micro-textured and outer polymer coating provide good grip for efficient instrument handling
  • Hand specific with curved finger design for maximum dexterity
  • Free of thiurams and thiazoles
  • Low protein and UN-detectable chemical due to extensive leaching during manufacturing process
  • Optimum thickness distribution for excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • Excellent viral barrier properties
  • Packed in premium PET/PE film pouch for added protection
Weight including packaging in kg 1,70
Barcode 5703188335869