KRUTEX Polyisoprene operationshandsker, latexfri. 25 par

  • Proprietary anatomically-designed former for a more natural fit, reducing flexural stress at fingers during extended surgeries
  • Polymer-coating finishes that allow for damp or dry-hand donning
  • Textured fingers and palm for enhanced grip and control
  • Ultra-low modulus for enhanced comfort and reduced hand fatigue
  • Powder-free finish to eliminate post-operative complications caused by powder
  • A minimum 300 mm cuff-length for extended coverage and protection
  • A beaded cuff to reduce the risk of glove roll-down once worn


Our Surgical gloves are manufactured in accordance with these standards:

  • International: ISO 9001, ISO 10282, ISO 13485, ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, and HACCP
  • ASTM D3577, FDA Quality Standard Regulation
  • European Medical Device Regulation 2017 / 745, PPE Regulation 2016 / 425, EN 374, EN 455 and EN 16523-1
  • ASTM F1671: Resistance to Viral Penetration
  • EN 455-3: Low Endotoxin Content


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