KRUUSE Rehab Pro Knee Protector. L, right


Neoprene knee joint protector with contra lateral anchor and front harness which secures that the protector stays in place. The rigid supports on the side of the protector can be taken out if a softer support is needed.

The joint protector provides warmth and support for painful or otherwise functionally impaired knee joints. The knee protector can be used for pre surgery support in the case of knee injury or as support to improve well being in the case of a chronic knee problem. The knee protector has rigid support bones on both sides of the knee joint, these can be removed if a softer support is needed. The protector is kept in place by contra lateral anchor strap and straps securing it to the front harness. All straps can be fitted for the individual dog and can be cut shorter if needed.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,37
Barcode 5703188338228