HEINE Spare bulb, F.O. Projector HK 6000 and HK 7000 [Y-096.15.102]


HEINE Spare bulb for F.O. Projector HK 6000 / HK7000 150 W.
The lamp is designed for use in the following instruments: Hp 7000 FO projector. It is also designed for use in the following instruments, which are being phased out or no longer manufactured: HK 6000 and HK 7000D projectors.

Each HEINE Halogen Technology lamp is designed to provide the ideal color temperature for the diagnosis for which the instrument is intended. This ensures a proper balance between the brightness of the illumination and true tissue color for the most accurate diagnosis. The performance of each HEINE optical instrument depends on the lamp driving it. Lenses built into the bulb's glass housing, precise filament placement and homogeneous light projection are important factors in ensuring the satisfactory performance of your HEINE instrument.

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