HEINE mPack mini, without transformer [X-007.99.649]


HEINE mPack mini with Li-ion rechargeable battery for the HEINE MicroLight 2 LED.

Freedom from cables that tie the user to desk, wall or static power supplies. Operating time LoupeLight2 / MicroLight2: Typ. 9 hours in everyday practical use. In continuous operation at full power typ. 4 hours.

Charging time typ. 4 hours, charge status indicator with display of remaining battery power with three LEDs. The flashing of the last LED indicates that immediate charging is required. During charging the LEDs light up one after the other.

Stepless light intensity control for optimum brightness setting between 100 % and 3 % reduces reflexes.

Simple cleaning. Closed housing, no seams at the sides, few edges.

Compact and lightweight. With a weight of just 95 g and dimensions of 44 x 23 x 101 mm the power source can be easily stowed. Li-ion technology. No "memory effect“, without worrying about charge level or battery
condition. Integrated rechargeable battery. Can be exchanged at authorised specialist dealers.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,00