HEINE BETA 4 USB Bottom insert [X-002.99.395]


HEINE BETA 4 USB Bottom insert with an exclusive Galvanic Separation Module, charge status indicator and ready-to-use function compatible with HEINE BETA L li-ion battery and BETA handle module.

A complete HEINE BETA 4 USB handle can be charged with any USB plug or other USB power source, with absolute peace of mind. The BETA 4 USB handle has an integrated, exclusive Galvanic Separation Module that protects the handle, and the user, even if a faulty or inferior plug is used; thus preventing the possibility of the full mains voltage going directly to the handle. It is however recommend using a plug-in power supply approved for medical use.

Ready-to-use Function: Handles switch ON & OFF automatically when charging. Set your desired brightness level once and it stays there every time you use your instrument. Also prevents battery damage and premature bulb burn outs if the instruments are accidentally left on.

The charge status indicator in the bottom insert: the indicator shines green during charging and orange if the battery needs to be recharged. The bottom insert also features an integrated safety system which prevents batteries from completely draining; thus ensuring maximum battery life.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,04
Barcode 293173