Absorption is Key!

Gauze and nonwoven products are essentials that complement each other in daily clinic procedures.
Get the “behind the scenes” scoop and learn the best uses for each of these essentials.


KRUUSE Gauze Products

Know the differences - to get best-in-class quality
▪ Thread quality/thickness: The more material, the better absorption
▪ Longer fibers equal less lint and better quality
▪ Threads per sq/inch: Higher thread count means more material and better absorption
▪ Folded or unfolded swabs: Folded swabs avoid loose threads, which can prolong healing time
▪ Ply in swab: The more layers the more material and better absorption

KRUUSE Nonwoven Products

Go with the heavyweighters
The new KRUUSE Nonwoven Swabs have a weight quality of 40 g/m2 which gives you a softer product with higher absorbency compared to regular 30 g/m2 swabs.